Is your Organization Ready for Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges?

Find out through an OCG security Transformation Review

In an increasingly mobile world, new approaches – supported by new technologies – are needed to protect corporate assets. This security transformation is happening right now, and no organization can afford to ignore it.

But threats are also opportunities. By embracing modern approaches to security, including risk-based detection and real-time automated remediation, your IT teams can spend less time fire-fighting and more time fire-proofing.

How secure are your corporate assets? What can you do right now to improve your security posture? How can you best prepare for the future, and turn challenges into opportunities?

Get expert answers fast with an Oxford Computer Group Security Transformation Review.

Through on-site workshops, training and discussions, our highly experienced consultants will work with you to review your current security posture. In addition to identifying immediate risks, they will prepare a detailed report outlining short, medium and long-term priorities, and including specific recommendations for improvements in areas such as:

  • Identity protection
  • Threat management
  • Access management (including Conditional Access)
  • Mobile device management
  • Data loss prevention

Prepare your organization now!

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