Private identity training for IT teams in MIM and Azure AD – live, instructor-led courses for IT pros worldwide

For IT pros worldwide we run private identity training for IT teams in MIM and Azure AD. Our instructors join your staff live online wherever they are, and in whatever timezone most convenient to you.

A private course is a great way of getting your IT staff together – even if they’re mostly still working at home – for learning and team-building. On a private course, attendees can openly talk about issues relating to their own unique environment and quickly get answers. Look out for light-bulb moments!

Recently, a team of IT pros in India enjoyed 5 days of intensive Azure AD training. And we taught our MIM Advanced course to a team of eight IT consultants in Costa Rica who had previously taken our MIM Foundation online, self-paced course in preparation.

In 2022, we ran a private course for five IT professionals from the US, India and Argentina from a global business consultancy. The training combined our Azure AD Identity and Security training course and our Azure AD Connect Masterclass. The delegates gave it five stars! Lauren, an Identity and Access Management Admin from the US, said:

We did an excellent private customized class.The instructor Paul has an amazing amount of knowledge and his ability to maintain focus and keep the class moving is truly impressive.

five star rated technical training from Oxfrod Computer TrainingThe private, remote-only Azure AD Connect Masterclass we ran for a team of seven IT professionals at a UK company (for whom we have previously run several private courses) received 100% 5-star feedback. Louis, Senior Consultant, said:

As always, Paul [the instructor] was excellent in both knowledge and delivery. Learning via Teams was very effective and convenient.

We have run many remote-only private courses for global companies with distributed IT teams. For example, we ran a combined MIM Foundation and MIM Advanced courses for IT professionals from a worldwide corporation who were based in the UK, the US and Israel.

Our instructor Paul Captainino said:

In consultation with our customer, we agreed the course content (in this case a combination of our MIM Foundation and MIM Advanced courses).  We chose the most appropriate time zone and everyone dialled in via Microsoft Teams.

The course worked really well as it enabled the different locations within the business to better understand specific local issues, as well as allowing us to address those issues while maintaining corporate standards.

There are many benefits to remote-only private courses at any time, but especially right now with so many people unable to get to the office.

Schlomo, Senior System Administrator from Israel, said:

The instructor was very professional. I found it very helpful for my work and hope I can come back for the MIM Expert course.

Learning remotely was a very good experience. Since we are working in the same company there were common questions but they all were regarding our environment from different views (SAP, Helpdesk, operations).

Private identity training for IT teams in all sectors, worldwide!

Our customers include universities, government agencies, police, health and housing authorities, as well as companies in manufacturing, distribution, banking and technology. One thing they all have in common is the desire to learn together as a team – to share the learning experience – and feedback from students has been excellent.

We decided to opt for the private course because not only was it more cost effective, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment-specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. This was invaluable to our learning experience.

Why are private courses so popular?

  • Flexibility – we can schedule courses according to your requirements
  • Tailored content – we can focus on sections of the course that are most relevant to your needs
  • Detailed peer-to-peer discussion – colleagues training together can discuss company-specific implementation issues with the help of an expert instructor
  • Cost savings – private courses work out cheaper if you want to train more than five delegates
  • Staff availability – valuable IT staff are on-site in case they are needed for operational duties

The remote training worked well – all team members globally could attend and learn together. Being able to give everyone the training at once and hear others’ questions and comments was very valuable.

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