Learn Azure AD Connect online at your own pace

100% of the IT professionals who have taken our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect training said they would recommend it to colleagues!


You can start an online, self-paced Azure AD Connect training course any time you like!  Our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass gives you:

  • Video lectures, demos, and quizzes – go over the material as often as you like!
  • A virtual machine (VM) environment.  You get 21 days with your VM to complete your online Azure AD Connect Masterclass. That’s plenty if you study for a few hours a day, or set aside time at weekends.
  • Perpetual access to a soft copy of the course manual
  • Dedicated tutor support by email. We respond fast!
  • Course certificate

And our Azure AD Connect video training allows you to “view it, then do it!” You get “how-to” knowledge precisely when you need it. Check our our taster videos.

five star rated technical training from Oxfrod Computer TrainingWhat do recent customers say about our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass?

100% of IT professionals who have taken our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass since January 2019 have rated it 5-star, and 100% said that they would recommend it to colleagues.

Peter, boss of an IT team in the UK who took the Azure AD Connect Masterclass online in 2021 wrote on his feedback form:

Very good, well worth the money. I enjoyed it. Studying self-paced allowed me to break as and when I needed to or wanted to and to go back over anything where I might have missed something.

Senior Systems Administrator from the US Kevin told us:

The online course was excellent and allowed me to stop when I needed to review topics more in-depth and do the labs at my own pace.
Senior Consultant Andy from the UK wrote:
Although I have spent some time working with Azure AD Connect in certain scenarios, I found it extremely useful to look at and find out about other features in Azure AD Connect that I haven’t used before. Lots of useful extra info as well, even in the areas that I thought I already knew! It was quite straightforward to use the online presentations and tutorials. The labs were good and all worked for me as described in the notes and demos.

Systems Administrator Tyler from Canada wrote:

This Azure AD Connect online training did a fantastic job of breaking such a complex topic into manageable, digestible bits!

IT Consultant Chris from Australia wrote:

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass is an awesome online course. Although I have many years’ experience working with Microsoft synchronization technologies, there was something new and unexpected at every turn.

Read feedback about our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass.

Azure AD Connect Video Training

Courses in our comprehensive and highly practical Azure AD Connect video training series teach and demo everything from installation to configuration and all-important troubleshooting, giving you “how-to” knowledge as and when you need it. Diving deep beyond the wizard, the videos are heavy on demonstration – you can run these alongside what you are doing in your real system, pausing, rewinding and replaying as necessary.

Our Azure AD Connect Video Training Series includes seven individual courses: Foundations | Synchronization concepts | Comparison with MIM (free with all subscriptions) | Custom scenarios | Synchronization rules | Authentication | Additional (but essential) topics. An individual subscription gives one person access 24/7 for 365 days to the knowledge needed to install, modify and upgrade Azure AD Connect environments.


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