A new name: Azure AD becomes Microsoft Entra ID

In July 2023, Microsoft announced that the new name for Azure Active Directory is Microsoft Entra ID.

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It’s only the name that is changing. All features and capabilities are still available and are unchanged. Licensing, terms, service-level agreements, product certifications, support and pricing remain the same.

James Casey, Microsoft’s Principal Product Manager, Identity & Network Access, Developer Experience says:

We launched Microsoft Entra as a new name for all of our identity and access products last year, with Azure AD becoming a part of Microsoft Entra product family along with two new products – Permissions Management and Verified ID. Microsoft Entra product family has since grown to include Identity Governance, External Identities, and Workload Identities. Today we announced the expansion of Microsoft Entra into Security Service Edge (SSE) category with the launch of two new products – Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access.

Renaming our hero cloud identity product – Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID, and unifying all identity and secure access products under Microsoft Entra name will make it easier for security teams to use all its capabilities to protect various identities and access points. The Microsoft Entra ID name is also more aligned with our multicloud, multiplatform approach, as more customers adopt our identity solution to securely connect every application and resource.


Over the next few months we will be adjusting our website, materials, and resources to reflect this change.