John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass – rated 5-star by delegates

John Craddock delivered his acclaimed Microsoft Identity Masterclass in the UK for the first time last week in partnership with OCG Learning, and received 100% 5-star feedback!

“An absolutely brilliant course”

“An absolutely brilliant course,” said Asif R, Senior Solutions Architect, India, “John Craddock is a mountain of knowledge when it comes to Azure AD, Authentication, MFA, SSO, etc. He has a very pleasing personality and is a very helpful teacher.”

“Brilliant instructor”

“Brilliant instructor. Excellent and very meaningful labs. Great course materials,” said Robert W, Federation Services Product Specialist, Sweden. “It was a HUGE PLUS to be able to use the lab files later on in your own environment for further tests/labs and learning. This really sets this course apart from many other ones.”

“Easily met all my expectations”

“The Masterclass easily met all my expectations,” said Duncan B, Infrastructure Engineer, UK. “The course covers pretty much exactly what we need – it’s hitting the sweet spot. There’s three of us from the same organization here, but we’re not all doing the same role. One is a developer and it’s all new to him – he needs to know this stuff as we’re looking to move to Azure-based apps so the course content is all relevant. And another is our directory and FIM person, so it’s extremely relevant. Very useful!”

“Hands-on labs were excellent”

The course has equipped us with the knowledge to design and implement our own solution, and ensure that we can support it going forward,” said Stewart G, Technical Architect, UK. “The hands-on labs were excellent, and even included issues and errors for us to troubleshoot so that it wasn’t just a ‘click by numbers’ exercise.”

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