John Craddock’s Identity Masterclass in Oxford, UK: “It’s been a real eye-opener…”

John Craddock teaching his Identity Masterclass in Oxford, UK, January 2019.

IT professionals from three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – convened in Oxford, UK, in January 2019 to take part in John Craddock‘s 5-day Microsoft Identity Masterclass.

Lauren T, Operations Delivery Team Lead, from South Africa said:

It’s been a real eye-opener for Azure and what’s going on up there. There was a big lack of knowledge on our part moving into the cloud, and John’s addressed every single aspect of it that I can think of. It was definitely worth coming all the way from South Africa!

John has a very good way of getting the information across, answering questions and going back into the details relevant for understanding higher concepts later on in the course. It’s helped us understand the bigger picture.

Worth flying in for!

Hear for yourself what some of the students said in this short video:

Maarten K, Azure Consultant, from the Netherlands said:

John’s Masterclass pretty much covers everything. I have worked on the Azure platform for a long time – I do authorization. If you ask Microsoft to tell you about authorization on the platform, they cannot tell you the whole thing – this Masterclass is about the whole thing – being on Azure, on-premise, and combining the two situations.

He’s such an expert, you can ask John anything, he takes time to explain it, he loves to explain it, he wants you to be like a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge. He doesn’t mind if you have a hundred questions about every detail about this thing or that thing, he will have the answer. And if he doesn’t he will look it up.

Pekka P, Senior Cloud Architect, from Finland told us:

It’s been great. I have been doing Azure and Office 365 things for 10 years, but the troubleshooting and the things behind all that… there’s so much more to know, so it’s great to be here. I have done these things for many years, but now I know WHY things work they way they do.

John is like a father-figure because he has so much knowledge, he’s easy to follow and makes things simpler.

In Finland we don’t have this kind of detailed training, so for me the only place for me to get this information is to come to this class.

If you’re working with Azure and identities I recommend this course. I wish I had found this course years ago – it would have helped a lot. But better now than never!

Stephen R, Enterprise Security Architect, from the UK told us:

The Masterclass is really in-depth, John absolutely knows his stuff! He’s a brilliant teacher and absolutely knows so much. He’s talking to the Microsoft people in Redmond, and he’s actually influencing things. He’s really friendly, really helpful and absolutely goes to the Nth degree to answer everything. He’s brilliant.

If anyone’s considering coming on the Masterclass, I’d say absolutely – yes, go for it.

Peter O, IT Specialist, from South Africa said:

The Masterclass and been very, very informative. It has highlighted stuff that we’re working on currently and given us some ideas of what we can look at when we get back, and some ideas and solutions for current issues we’ve got.

It’s been very worthwhile coming all the way from South Africa – we don’t have the same level trainers and with such presentation skills.

John is a very, very good facilitator. I like the way the course materials are put together. He introduces concepts, goes into depth with them, skims over a few things, but then pulls every thing together later in the course, and that’s when see and understand what’s going on and the benefit of them. It’s the depth of the knowledge that makes it a Masterclass, definitely.

In my company, when we initially decided to look at Azure AD, we had some contractors in to come help us, and there were a few of concepts I wasn’t quite 100% sure about why they did it in that way. I now realise that some things were done correctly and some were not! So I need to go and sort than out!

The information I’ve gleaned this week is definitely going to help me in my job. We have a lot of departments wanting to deploy applications into Azure AD, and present apps to people in other businesses, in other tenants. We now have a path forward and will be able to guide those people in how to do that correctly, safely and securely.

Anybody that’s thinking about coming on this Masterclass I say to them, just pay the bills, get here, and enjoy it. It’s very, very good.

Senior Consultant Andy D from the UK commented:

It’s very in-depth – there’s everything here that’s worth knowing about Azure.

John’s a good teacher, he explains things well because he’s got a good background knowledge from the real world.

Once we get back to the office and the projects we’re involved with, the breadth of knowledge we’ve picked up on the Masterclass will enhance our ability to deliver the projects more professionally, with skills we’ve developed here.

It will be a real benefit in the future. I think anyone in a similar role to myself should be looking at taking this course.

Lauren T, Operations Delivery Team Lead, South Africa

What I’ve learned is definitely going to help once I get back to work. Strategically, from a design level it’s definitely going to give me an edge on designing and understanding what’s being implemented in the business and the correct way to go about it. A lot of value.

I wish we’d done this course a long time ago. It’s been so valuable, I’d definitely recommend it.

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