John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass – back in the USA

International identity guru John Craddock is back in the US this week to teach his acclaimed Microsoft Identity Masterclass.

This week’s course is taking place in Redmond WA, and John’s three previous courses in the USA (see below) have all received 100% five star feedback from students. Read feedback from:

Varand, Enterprise Architect, from Nevada, said:

… fantastic! My only regret about this class is that I didn’t attend it sooner!

Jim, IT Manager from Arizona, said:

The course was stellar and exactly what I hoped it would be, a launchpad for remaking my organization’s identity and access management approach to be driven by Azure AD. The lab environment was extremely well designed and full featured. The mix of lecture to lab was just right.

William, Vice President of a company in New Jersey, told us:

The course was an excellent deep dive on Identity. It was exactly what my team and I were expecting to leave with. We are much better armed to do in-depth identity troubleshooting for some of our big cloud and identity projects in 2019. This was an excellent class lead by John and I will be sure to rotate the rest of my team through in future classes.

Ronel, Identity & Security Engineer from Illinois, said:

You cannot afford not to take this course if you are in the identity space.

Norman, IT Security Engineer from New York, said:

Having been in IT for 30+ years, it’s hard to find classes that complement my skill set. This class was a perfect match. Hands-on labs were great.

John’s acclaimed Identity Masterclass is now available via Zoom inhas received 100% five-star feedback from IT professionals who have attended the course in the UK and US.

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