John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass returns to the USA in October 2019

Identity guru John Craddock will return to the USA in 2019 to teach his Microsoft Identity Masterclass for the fourth time.

He’ll be heading over to Redmond, WA, from 21 to 25 October 2019 for an action-packed 5 days of teaching, once again in the home of Microsoft.

In December 2018 he presented it in Edison, NJ, in April 2018 in Baltimore, MD,  and in February 2018 in Redmond, WA. On each occasion everyone attending rated it as five-star training and said amazing things about it.

William G, Vice President of a finance company in New Jersey told us:

The course was an excellent deep dive on Identity. It was exactly what my team and I were expecting to leave with. We are much better armed to do in-depth identity troubleshooting for some of our big cloud and identity projects in 2019. This was an excellent class lead by John and I will be sure to rotate the rest of my team through in future classes.

And Ronel R, Identity & Security Engineer from Illinois, said:

You cannot afford to NOT take this course if you are in the identity space.

Sylvester C, Manager Identity and Software Solutions, from California said:

It was really great to be able to interact with John and see him to solve the problems we inadvertently created while doing the labs. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to handle all the questions thrown at him.

Varand M, Enterprise Architect, from Nevada, said it was….

… fantastic! My only regret about this class is that I didn’t attend it sooner!

Here’s that date again – 21 to 25 October 2019. Will you join us for “an epic week” of pure geek in Redmond, WA?

John’s Identity Masterclass is acclaimed worldwide and is premium training. The feedback we get for this Masterclass is awesome!  So plan ahead, talk to your budget holder and tell them that is the course for you (it is!) and start making arrangements.

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