How Azure AD Connect enables hybrid identity

A practical overview with demos

In this recording of my very popular webinar from 2016, I look at how Microsoft’s AD Connect tool enables hybrid identity management.

Azure AD Connect integrates your on-premises directories with Azure AD in the cloud. This enables you to give your users a common identity for Office 365, Azure and SaaS apps integrated with Azure AD.

How does Azure AD Connect enable hybrid identity?

This recording of my webinar offers a practical, relevant and timely overview, and also demos! I discuss:

  • Synchronization, which is a big part of any hybrid scenario. The ever-increasing capabilities of Azure AD Connect will be compared with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) which is the gold standard when it comes to synchronization – but on-premises.
  • When you should use MIM and when you should use Azure AD Connect.
  • How out-of-the-box capability can be extended (spoiler alert: a lot more than meets the eye!)
  • How inbound and outbound rules are configured, how to add your own rules, and how they will interact with out-of-the-box ones.
  • How to add your own connectors (for example, to an HR system).

There are some slides, but mostly it’s DEMOS. And lots of people asked really interesting questions. Note: webinar begins at 51 seconds in.