Azure AD Connect Video Training Series – free taster videos now available

Courses in our comprehensive and highly practical Azure AD Connect Video Training Series teach and demo everything from installation to configuration and all-important troubleshooting, giving you “how-to” knowledge as and when you need it.

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The seven courses in the series include a total 19 hours of expert training, packed with demonstrations of live environments and quizzes. Prices start at just £166 | $199 | €190 for a year’s access, or get all seven courses for £334 | $399 | €384.

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Watch excerpts from courses in the Azure AD Connect Video Training Series – including the entire 28-minute video on Accidental Deletion, and the entire 28-minute Authentication Overview video.

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Excerpts from our Synchronization Rules course:

TRANSFORMATIONS – How transformations are used to populate target attributes

In the full video we explain in detail, using demonstrations and out-of-the box examples, how transformations are used to populate target attributes:

  • Direct, Constant and Expression flows, source and target attributes
  • functions, literals, operators, date formats, parameters
  • controlling attribute flows, editing the rules, precedence, Merge Type (Update, Replace, MergeCaseInsensitvie, and Merge)

OBJECT ORCHESTRATION – How synchronization rules manage objects

In the full video we discuss:

  • the Azure AD Connect rules that handle objects
  • Link Type (Provision, Join, and Sticky Join)
  • join rules, and how objects are provisioned into the metaverse (MV) and connector space (CS), how they are deprovisioned, and how these actions result in the creation or deletion of Azure AD accounts, including users, groups and devices
  • reverse join and disaster recover

DEFAULT SCENARIOS – How the out-of-the-box synchronization rules support Azure AD Connect scenarios/topologies

The full video explains how the out-of-the-box sync rules support Azure AD Connect scenarios/topologies:

  • how inbound rules can deal with various multi-forest scenarios – and how they are written out differently depending on your wizard choices – link type, join rules, provision, deprovision, attribute flow, reverse join etc
  • how the cloudFiltered attribute controls outbound provisioning to Azure AD
  • which out-of-the-box rules do what, and why you might want to change them
  • best practice for changing the default rules

FILTERING – Which AD objects are synchronized to Azure AD

The full video covers:

  • how to control which Active Directory objects Azure AD Connect provisions to Azure AD
  • the three different ways to filter objects: Domain and OU filtering, Attribute-based filtering, and Group-based filtering
  • the purpose and importance of the CloudFiltered attribute for controlling the provisioning and synchronization process

Excerpts from our Authentication course:

AUTHENTICATION OVERVIEW – An overview of how they work, and what affects your choices.

See the entire 28-minute video which includes:

  • a high-level overview of the various Azure AD Connect authentication methods
  • a comparison of the various authentication methods and the key decision drivers and factors
  • high-level details and flow diagrams for the managed authentication methods, Password Hash Sync (PHS), and Pass-through Authentication (PTA)
  • high-level details and flow diagrams for the federated authentication methods such as AD FS, or PingFederate
  • how each authentication method works with Azure AD hybrid join and Seamless single-sign-on (SSSO)

DEVICE OPTIONS – The importance of Azure AD hybrid join

The full video covers:

  • device management in Azure AD, and Azure AD Connect device options
  • the advantages of Azure AD device hybrid join including which devices can be hybrid joined to Azure AD
  • pre-requisites for and implementation of Azure AD Hybrid Join, including service connection point (SCP)

Full video from our Additional (but essential) topics course:

ACCIDENTAL DELETION – See the entire 28-minute video !
Through expert presentations and demonstrations of live environments, this video tells you everything you need to know about Accidental Deletion in Azure AD Connect. It covers the AD and Azure AD recycle bins, managing deleted Azure AD users, and deletion protection.