Azure AD Connect Masterclass online, self-paced training course

The online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass is an awesome course. It shows that there is much more to Azure AD Connect than meets the eye or is covered in Microsoft documentation! It effortlessly strips away Azure AD Connect’s veneer of simplicity to explore and demonstrate important technical details – says Chris C, IT Consultant, Australia, who took the Azure AD Masterclass online.

Diving deep beyond the wizard, our Azure AD Connect Masterclass is the only comprehensive, structured training course for this complex and powerful technology. 

Take your online Masterclass any time within a year of booking

You can start the online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass anytime within a year of booking, and you’ll get 3 weeks’ access to:

  • Specially developed videos covering the same content as the instructor-led classroom course – and you can pause and rewind them as often as you like!
  • A fully functional on-premises and cloud lab environment for practical coverage of all aspects of Azure AD Connect
  • 20+ step-by-step lab exercises, each accompanied by a video demo (in case you get stuck or want to skip a lab)
  • A quiz following each module, to further consolidate knowledge
  • An expert personal tutor to provide support if and when you need it

You also get perpetual access to a soft copy of the comprehensive course manual.

Read what students say about the online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass, and get a taster from our CEO Hugh Simpson-Wells in this short video.

The online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass is divided into 9 modules each of which has video lectures and revision quizzes. These can be taken as many times as you like, so you can really embed your learning, or go over sections that you have found trickier.

Just like the classroom course, the online course is packed with labs. You get access to a couple of especially configured virtual machines, plus your own Azure tenant, so the labs are not just simulations, you really build up your own implementation. You can try things out, and if you break them there’s no drama as you’re in a safe environment.

You’ll also have your own expert tutor who can answer any questions you may have by email or Skype. And you get a pdf of the course manual which you can print if you wish.

Excellent. Doing the course online was good for labs. It gave me time to experiment. – David C, Product Responsible, US

Doing the Masterclass online meant I was able to work around my schedule and adjust my pace depending on the material. Sometimes in an on-prem class, I feel like labs go by too quickly to keep the class on-schedule. I really liked having video demos of the labs. – Norman L, IT Security Engineer, US

An awesome online course. Although I have many years of experience working with Microsoft synchronization technologies, there was something new and unexpected at every turn, that made the journey all the more worthwhile.

The Masterclass helped me to understand and avert the inevitable common pitfalls, and so will enable me – as a consultant – to ensure effective, efficient and secure implementations for the organizations I work with.  – Chris C, IT Consultant, Australia

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