New Azure AD Connect Masterclass – great feedback from “test drive”

Our new Azure AD Connect Masterclass got a big thumbs up from experienced identity consultants during a test run in Oxford in May.

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass has been written by subject matter experts Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft) and Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility) in partnership with MIM course-writing experts Hugh Simpson-Wells (CEO, Oxford Computer Group and OCG Learning) and James Cowling (CTO, OCG).

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“Many organizations install Azure AD Connect without really understanding what it’s doing or what more it could do,” says Andreas Kjellman

Our new Masterclass demystifies what comes out of the box and also enables organizations to take full advantage of all the possibilities.

It’s a Masterclass because we go into all the details – we cover everything, including things that are just briefly glossed over in official Microsoft documentation.

The Masterclass is invaluable to anyone who has installed, or is thinking of installing Azure AD Connect, including MIM consultants who want to transfer their skills to what is a surprisingly different product.

It’s a really great course.

“Some real light bulb moments,” says Senior Consultant Ian B.

In the past I’ve used Azure AD Connect to do really basic installations for customers, but going on the Masterclass has shown me the possibilities of doing larger scale implementations. It’s shown me some really exciting concepts.

The course has been written by masters of identity management who have brought really in-depth knowledge to the course that is hard to find anywhere else.

This Masterclass is for anyone in identity management who’s looking to deploy AAD Connect in a large organisation. Whether you’ve used MIM or Azure AD Connect in the past, the Masterclass is for you.

The course goes through the differences between MIM and Azure AD Connect, and gives you a lot of things to look out for when deploying it for the first time. There’s lots of information that will save you time.

The hands-on labs have been really good, and there were some real light bulb moments for me on the course. One of the biggest eye-openers was how you deploy your infrastructure. Before I went on the Masterclass, I had a concept in my mind of how we would do it, but that’s been turned on its head by this course!

I will recommend the Masterclass to all my colleagues. The knowledge the course writers bring from their previous roles is invaluable, and it’s information you won’t find anywhere else.

“I’ve learned an awful lot,” says Mark W, Identity Consultant

The Masterclass has been a really good experience. I’ve learned an awful lot about how on-premises AD data is synchronized with the cloud. Really useful knowledge.

This is a Masterclass so there’s a lot of information coming at you, and the hands-on labs help embed that information. In one of the labs we watched the synchronization taking place and, when you see the process happening, it’s like “I get this now”.

The knowledge coming through from the course writers is clear. You really get that these guys know what they’re doing, and they want to share that with you and make it worth learning.

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