Azure AD Connect – expert training, resources, tools and quiz!

Building on our long history of expertise in Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), we have made it our business to become world-leading experts in Azure AD Connect. We have developed a five-star rated Azure AD Connect Masterclass, and offer a range of free resources such as webinar recordings, blogs and tools.

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These webinars were presented by Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft), Hugh Simpson-Wells (Founder and CEO, Oxford Computer Group and Oxford Computer Training), Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility) and James Cowling (CTO, Oxford Computer Group Worldwide).

Azure AD Connect Rule Tool

If you’ve ever tried to view, understand or even edit sync rules in Azure AD Connect you may have found it frustrating! Our free Azure AD Connect Rule Tool makes viewing rules so much clearer and simpler! You’ll be able to see and understand what you’re doing, and get syntax checking for sync rule expressions!


Quiz time! Test your Azure AD Connect knowledge

Do you know how to fix Azure AD Connect if something breaks? Try our quiz and see how you get on. Will you do as well as you expect? Give it a try…

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What’s new in Azure AD Connect – update to version

Azure AD Connect is often updated with small incremental changes. The upgrade, released in April 2019, is significant, with new features, capabilities, and important fixes.



Learn how to make the most of Azure AD Connect on our Masterclass – the only comprehensive, structured training course for this complex and powerful technology.

We developed the Azure AD Connect Masterclass in collaboration with Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft) and Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility).

It’s available as a 3-day instructor-led course which you can attend in our UK or US classrooms or live via Skype. You can also take the course online in your own time.

Chris C, an Australian consultant, who took our Azure AD Connect Masterclass in 2019, said:

An awesome course. Although I have many years’ experience working with Microsoft synchronization technologies, there was something new and unexpected at every turn, that made the journey all the more worthwhile. There is so much more to Azure AD Connect that meets the eye or is covered in Microsoft documentation! This Masterclass effortlessly strips away Azure AD Connect’s veneer of simplicity to explore and demonstrate important technical details.

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