25% discount on MIM, Azure AD & Azure AD Connect training – via Teams or online, self-paced

Wherever you are in the world, you can take our industry-leading MIM and Azure training courses without leaving home. And, as uncertain times are continuing, we’ve extended our special offers on upcoming courses in BST and EDT via Teams, and on online, self-paced courses, for bookings until 31 July 2020.

  • 25% discount offer25% discount on instructor-led and online self-paced courses booked by 31 July 2020 (use offer code ALL25OFF at the checkout) 
  • No cancellation fees
  • 15 months to take an instructor-led course, 15 months to complete an online self-paced course

Learn remotely, via Teams/Skype

Attending live, small group, instructor-led MIM and Azure training courses from your home or office, wherever you are in the world, is both time and cost effective – and feedback from our “remote” students is great.

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Learn MIM & Azure from anywhere via Teams

Over 96% of recent students who have taken our MIM and Azure training via Teams/Skype said they would recommend it. 

Damian, a Consultant from the US, who took our MIM Foundation course via Teams, said:

Paul [the instructor] was great. There was a lot of information in a very short period of time but he really helped me. I am very new to all this but he made me feel comfortable as best as he could.

I think learning via Teams is great – it lets you communicate with one another if you want to, and I really enjoyed having someone there to always help me.

I think learning via Teams is great – it lets you communicate with one another if you want to, and I really enjoyed having someone there to always help me.

Igsaan, a Systems Engineer from South Africa, who took our MIM Advanced course via Teams, said:

Thank you Paul, your knowledge and delivery of the material was excellent! The course was relevant and insightful and can definitely be used to improve our infrastructure and future migrations.

It was easy to engage with Paul whilst sitting in the comfort in my own home. I would recommend remote internet learning to everyone because it was easy to interact either by asking questions directly or utilising the chat feature in Microsoft Teams.

Senior Consultant Chris from the UK, who took our MIM Expert course via Teams, said:

As always Paul [the instructor] provided more than exceeded my expectation of this course. Thanks for your patience and the four days. Learning via Teams worked great as always.

Louis, a Senior Consultant from the UK, who took our Azure AD Connect Masterclass via Teams, said:

Learning via Teams was very effective and convenient. And, as always, Paul [the instructor] was excellent in both knowledge and delivery.

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IT pros love the flexibility of being able to study online from anywhere at their own pace

Learn online, self-paced with personal tutor support

Over 94% of recent students who took our MIM and Azure training online, self-paced said they would recommend it.

Three of our training courses are available as online, self-paced courses:

You can start anytime (start today!), and work at a pace that suits you – and you’ll have the support of an expert personal tutor if you have any questions. Each course has the same content as you’d get live in the classroom, and includes video lectures and demos, labs and quizzes.

Systems Engineer Gedminius from Lithuania recently completed our MIM Advanced online, self-paced course. This is what he wrote on his feedback form:

Excellent experience! Very informative and deep course! I am full of useful information and my neurons and synapses are dancing foxtrot now 😀

Senior Program Analyst Ronald from the US said this about our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass:

The course was great. I am in the process of re-installing Azure AD Connect to replace a very old version, and the information from the course has caused me to make significant changes to how I configure the new implementation.

User Experience Analyst David from Canada said this about our MIM Foundation online self-paced course:

Studying online, self-paced was great. I’ve just finished up the labs and all of the quizzes and wanted to send some praise your way. Thank you so much for all of the prompt assistance. The course support staff and my personal tutor were friendly and considerate. My questions were answered with such detail that it felt more like bonus training. The clarity of the lab instructions enabled me to work through the labs and all of the module material easily.

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