Self-service in Microsoft Azure AD premium

Self-service password reset has been the catalyst for many organizations to consider the benefits of Azure Active Directory Premium – AADP – but there’s much to it than that!

… group management, for example, which I think is the biggest and most flexible self-service component. The advantage is that delegating activities through self-service can free up administrators for more important work, but it also means losing control. So how far should you go, what are the options, and what additional checks and balances will you need to put in place?  Where do you start?

In my webinar, which was broadcast in March 2016, I discussed the capabilities and limitations of self-service in AADP, and the relationship between on-premises and in the cloud self-service capability.  I demo’d the admin and user experiences through the portals available, and proposed some answers to the many questions raised. So please sign in below and listen to the recording of it. You may also like my blog, Top 5 self-service features in Azure AD Premium. and you may want to view the webinar’s slide deck.

See the webinar Recording right now: