Private training – courses in MIM, Azure and PAM for your team

Private training can take place on your premises wherever you are in the world, in our classrooms, online via Teams – or wherever is most convenient to you. All our courses are available privately.

The benefits of learning privately include:

  • Flexibility – arrange the course for a date that is convenient to you
  • Tailored content – we can focus on parts of the course most important to you
  • Peer discussion – training with your colleagues means you can talk through points most relevant to your own implementation
  • Cost savings! – train more than five delegates and start saving on the costs of classroom training
  • More savings! – on travel and overnight expenses
  • Staff availability – valuable IT resources remain on-site, in case they are needed for operational duties

“We opted for the private on-site course because not only was it cheaper, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. This was invaluable to our learning experience.” Randy I, Kansas, USA

Private training is cost-effective and flexible

Our trainers teach technical teams all over the world. Recent engagements have taken us to North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. We can run a course either by
  • flying our trainer to you to physically join your team in the classroom, or
  • we can run the course ‘remotely’ via Skype; the trainer connects with your participants live in real time via the internet.

Remote training via Skype is becoming increasingly popular, especially with organizations whose technical team itself is geographically dispersed. Everyone simply connects from the comfort of their own desk to the virtual classroom.

Other organizations welcome the chance that a private training course brings to gather their team together in one place. Read how well it worked for a large university in the Mid-West of the US. “Let’s just say we got more than our money’s worth!”

Read what else people say about their private training course.

Guide Prices for Private Training

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