Private MIM training in Canada: first 2020 course takes place

2019 was a bumper year for private MIM and Azure AD Connect training. In addition to our regular public courses, we ran 21 private courses for organizations in Europe and North America. The calendar for 2020 is filling up quickly, and our first private course of the year was in Canada last week.

Our legendary, globe-trotting instructor Paul Captainino was in Vancouver, Canada, last week teaching our 4-day MIM Foundation course privately to team of 6 IT professionals. Private training offers greater flexibility and, in this case, an extra day was added to allow more time for in-depth discussion relating to issues and topics particularly pertinent to the company’s MIM environment.

As usual, post-course evaluations from students were excellent – see below. And see more feedback about private training here.

For Team Lead Alex, private training offers:

a better experience as you can have open discussions about your current implementation or plans.

Chris, Team Lead Application Sustainment, said:

Learning with colleagues on a private course was great as we had a few different staff groups represented.

Paul is an excellent instructor and answered every question we had.

Kevin, Senior Operations Architect, was also impressed with our instructor Paul Captainino’s knowledge of MIM:

MIM is a very broad topic so it’s easy to be overwhelmed. The instructor Paul’s high level of comfort with the course and product meant he found any errors I made in the labs in seconds – he clearly knows it inside and out.

Application Analyst Daniel said:

Excellent course. Really helped me get a better understanding of MIM and what it can do and how to configure it.

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Any questions?

We already have more customers in Canada, USA, and UK lining up for private training for their IT pros. If your IT team would benefit from learning MIM or Azure privately, call us on USA +1 425-577-6542 or UK +44 (0)1865 521200 or email and we’ll get your team’s training scheduled on the calendar. Or complete the short private course enquiry form here.

In North America and need more help or advice? As well as training Oxford Computer Group offer award-winning identity management consultancy. They have years of expertise in helping companies large and small across the continent with MIM and Azure AD projects.