Machine learning for identity driven-security? New video & live Q&A

How can new machine learning technologies enhance identity management and IT security?

Machine learning and IT securityIn this video, Data Science expert Rafal Lukawiecki (Founder of Project Botticelli) and I discuss how new machine learning technologies can be used to enhance identity-driven security.

We address the following questions and more in the video, and we hope you will join us for a live Q&A session on 2 October.

  • New tools for anomaly detection and threat prediction
  • The challenge of false positives
  • The security arms race and adversarial machine learning – how improvements in machine learning benefit the bad guys as well as the good guys
  • The abuse of our privacy and our data by organizations
  • The role that governments play
  • The expense of making systems both secure and convenient
  • Potential social consequences as we move from imperfect passwords and passports to (inevitably) also imperfect machine learning based systems
  • Who would benefit from learning about such areas, and where to start

Hugh Simpson-Wells and Rafal Lukawiecki discuss Machine learning security applications Watch the video now

Any questions? Join us for a live Q&A session

Machine Learning webinar Wednesday 14 August 2019 Register here!Rafal and I will continue the discussion and answer your questions which you can ask in advance here.

DATE Wednesday 2 October 2019
TIME 7am Pacific | 3pm UK | 4pm Western Europe
DURATION 45 minutes

This session is suitable for IT professionals, DBAs, security experts, architects, organizational IT decision makers, and anyone interested in machine learning from a practical perspective.

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