Closing the cybersecurity skills gap – how MIM and Azure training can help

The dramatic increase in the quantity and sophistication of hacking and ransomware attacks has put cybersecurity in the spotlight more than ever before.

  • Already this year, more than 130 US healthcare organizations have been added to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Breach Portal which records breaches of unsecured protected health information that have affected 500 or more individuals.
  • The WannaCry ransomware attack crippled organizations worldwide, notably the UK’s National Health Service.
  • And a very sobering infographic showing the world’s biggest data breaches is available here.

In addition to significant data privacy and brand issues, cleaning up the post-attack mess and paying associated fines is a very costly business.

Global shortage of highly trained staff with cybersecurity skills

It’s no surprise that a recent Forbes article identifies that cybersecurity skills are at a premium, that a huge skills gap already exists, and that a global shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals is predicted by 2019.

Identity-driven security

In a world where people want access to everything, from everywhere and on any device, the traditional security defences on which we used to rely – characterized by the corporate firewall – are no longer appropriate. There is increasing recognition that strong identity management is the essential underpinning of secure operations, and that it must therefore be at the heart of enterprise architecture – both on-premises and in the cloud.

How can you ensure that your IT staff have the skills they need?

Ensuring that ONLY the right people get access to the right information is the key to security – and this can be a challenge given a dynamic population of staff, contractors, and business partners that need to access data both on-premises and in the cloud.

But all this – and more – can be achieved through effective utilization of Microsoft’s suite of identity management technologies – including Microsoft Information Manager (MIM) and Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP).

OCG Learning is a market-leader for training in identity-driven security

OCG Learning’s range of highly acclaimed training courses in MIM, AADP, and PAM in MIM are designed to equip staff with the necessary skills and know-how to keep their organizations safe, efficient and compliant.

“Worth flying in from the US for! I got a great understanding of what PAM is and what it will do to keep our company safe.”

 Giovanny N, Windows System Administrator, Massachusetts, USA (Attended PAM course in person in the classroom, 2017)

Five star training

We offer public, private and online courses, and customer feedback continues to be stellar!

“This was, by FAR, the best training I’ve received in years!”

Eowyn C, Senior Messaging Systems Engineer, California, USA (Attended Azure AD private course in the classroom, 2017)

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