There’s only ONE John Craddock – but there are now TWO John Craddock Masterclasses

First there was John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass, which has had rave reviews from students. And now we’re delighted to offer John’s NEW Auth Protocols Troubleshooting Masterclass too!

John Craddock is an internationally acclaimed speaker, consultant and teacher about all-things identity. As a Microsoft MVP, he’s in great demand for his insights and knowledge, as well as his ability to convey complex technical information clearly. Perhaps you have been to one of his presentations at Microsoft Ignite? There’s usually standing room only!

John’s unrivalled communications skills, combined with his deep technical knowledge, are some of the reasons why his Microsoft Identity Masterclass is so popular.

Over 5 action-packed days, the Identity Masterclass covers everything you need to know in order to integrate applications into Microsoft cloud and on-premises environments using modern and legacy authentication methods.

If anyone’s considering coming on the Masterclass, I’d say absolutely – yes, go for it.

The Masterclass is really in-depth. John is a brilliant teacher and knows so much. He’s talking to the Microsoft people in Redmond, and he’s actually influencing things. He’s really friendly, really helpful and goes to the Nth degree to answer everything. He’s brilliant. Stephen R, Enterprise Security Architect, UK, 2019

Hear what other students said about John’s most recent Identity Masterclass in January 2019 in this short video, and see all reviews here.

Dive even deeper into authentication and authorization protocols and troubleshooting

Authentication protocols and associated troubleshooting have proved to be a very popular part of the Identity Masterclass. And, in response to demand from students who wanted the opportunity to explore these topics and related tools in greater depth, John has developed his new Auth Protocols Troubleshooting Masterclass.

John says:

If you don’t know the protocols, and don’t understand protocol flows, and if you don’t know the right tools to use, you can spend days troubleshooting something! That’s frustrating as well as a waste of valuable time! Whereas, if you know what you’re doing, you can resolve problems in minutes.

In my new Masterclass, we look in-depth at “hard to fix” situations and, by the end, students will be able to reduce resolution times dramatically.

Hear more from John about his Troubleshooting Masterclass in this 2-minute video:

Designed to complement and follow on from his Identity Masterclass, John’s Auth Protocols Troubleshooting Masterclass is for experienced systems administrators who need the tools and in-depth knowledge to implement and test authentication and authorization protocols, and to troubleshoot and resolve tricky situations.

The Auth Protocols Troubleshooting Masterclass includes more than 25 hands-on labs to enable students to discover a variety of troubleshooting tools and techniques. All labs run in the cloud, and this hands-on environment (which you will also be able to access for two months from the start of the class) is perfect for troubleshooting.