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MIM Foundation MIM Advanced Azure AD Connect Masterclass

In these unprecedented times, we are seeing a surge in demand for our online, self-paced courses MIM and Azure AD Connect training courses, as well as for our remote, instructor-led course via Teams.

In response to the challenges that we are all facing right now, we are offering:

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five star rated technical training from Oxfrod Computer TrainingWhat do recent customers say about our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass?

100% of IT professionals who have taken our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass since January 2019 gave it a 5-star rating, and 100% said that they would recommend it to colleagues.

Senior Program Analyst Ronald from the US, who took the Azure AD Connect Masterclass in April 2020, wrote this on his feedback form:

The course was great. I am in the process of re-installing Azure AD Connect to replace a very old version and the information form the course has caused me to make significant changes on how I configure the new implementation.
This is what Senior Consultant Andy from the UK wrote on his feedback form:
Although I have spent some time working with Azure AD Connect in certain scenarios, I found it extremely useful to look at and find out about other features in Azure AD Connect that I haven’t used before. Lots of useful extra info as well, even in the areas that I thought I already knew!
It was quite straightforward to use the online presentations and tutorials. The labs were good and all worked for me as described in the notes and demos.

Systems Administrator Tyler from Canada wrote:

This Azure AD Connect online training did a fantastic job of breaking such a complex topic into manageable, digestible bits!

IT Consultant Chris from Australia wrote:

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass is an awesome online course. Although I have many years’ experience working with Microsoft synchronization technologies, there was something new and unexpected at every turn.

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What do recent customers say about our online, self-paced MIM training?

Systems Engineer Gediminas from Lithuania, who took our MIM Advanced online, self-paced course in May 2020, wrote this on his feedback form:

Excellent experience. Very informative and deep course! I am full of useful information and my neurons and synapses are dancing foxtrot now 😀

CyberSecurity Engineer Cliff from the US, who took our MIM Foundation online self-paced course in May 2020, said this:

Training was well worth the cost no complaints here. Website was fantastic, video quality was top notch. Teachers were well spoken and easy to understand.

Systems Engineer Evan from the US took our MIM Foundation online self-paced course in April 2019, and he went on to do our MIM Advanced online, self-paced course a few months later. This is what he wrote on the course feedback forms – and you can read more about what Evan thought of the MIM Foundation online, self-paced course here.

The online MIM Foundation training was awesome. Simply awesome. It’s been by far one of the greatest training courses I have ever experienced.

As always, the MIM Advanced course was fantastic. Learning online is great. Plenty of time to dig into the content with no distractions.

Lead Engineer Craig from Scotland also took our MIM Foundation online self-paced course in 2019.

The MIM Foundation online course is one of the best courses, if not the best, I’ve ever taken. The course manual and lab guides are first class. The lectures and demos are very instructive and pitch just the right amount of detail. The instructor’s style of delivery is very relaxed and you can tell he is a master of MIM.

Initially, I had reservations about learning online, self-paced, but the quality of the lectures, demos, manuals, lab guides and tests were so good, there was no feeling of being swamped.

The mentoring from my personal tutor and help from the course support team were excellent and, when I asked for suggestions for additional reading materials, the OCT team came back with ideas quickly.

I can’t think of any ways in which this course could be improved, which is credit in itself!

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