MIM Advanced training course updated

Materials, Labs and VMs updated

We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our courses, and we listen very carefully to feedback from our students and so, we’re pleased to announce that hot on the heels of our recent MIM Foundation course updates, we have now updated our MIM Advanced course; the material, labs, and VMs.

When Microsoft upgraded MIM 2016 to MIM 2016 SP1, we immediately started working on thoroughly testing all courses and course labs against the new build. Several months ago we updated our MIM Foundation Course VMs to MIM 2016 SP1. For the Advanced course we saw the upgrade as an opportunity to not only update our VMs to include MIM 2016 SP1, but also to make some other changes based on student feedback.


We had been using the OCG Function Evaluator, a free tool that we utilized in the Advanced Course. to demonstrate how to add a third-party workflow to the MIM Portal. A number of students asked about other ways to enable some of the capabilities in the Function Evaluator, and for the past year the answer has been the MIMWAL (MIM Workflow Activity Library). The MIMWAL helps you to build complex workflows in FIM or MIM. It includes foundation activities which can be combined to create complex workflows to help implement business your processes. So, in addition to upgrading MIM to SP1, we have added MIMWAL.

Identity Panel

Another third-party tool that we already included in the Advanced Course was a reporting tool from SoftwareIDM called Identity Panel. SoftwareIDM have updated Identity Panel so we have added the latest version to our upgraded VMs, and re-written the lab to match.

These upgrades ensure that our courses continue to deliver as much real-world information to our students as possible, and helps them them consider new ways of solving Identity Management problems with MIM.

The MIM Advanced course upgrades include the following:

  • Updated to MIM 2016 SP1 (v4.4.1642.0)
  • Software IDM Identity Panel has been updated to v3.3.15.893 and its lab rewritten
  • MIMWAL v2.17.0721.0 has been installed and is now fully included with its own lab

Our MIM Advanced course can be attended in person in the classroom, live in the classroom in real time by Skype or online, self-paced in your own time.

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