Moving from enterprise-level security to cloud-scale security? Private, on-site Azure AD training can benefit your team.

“When you’ve spent your whole life as an IT pro securing on-premises systems, as many of our students have, it’s a whole new mindset when you move from enterprise-level security to cloud-scale security,” says Oxford Computer Training instructor Paul Captainino.

When I’m teaching our Azure Active Directory – Implementing Secure Cloud Hybrid Identity private course, my job is to show IT teams exactly what’s possible with cloud-scale identity-driven security. I present them with the facts, show them how everything works together, and equip them with the skills and confidence to implement a secure and effective hybrid identity system.”

Azure Active Directory private training for global company headquartered in France – what did students say?

Last month, Paul was at the HQ of a global insurance and financial services company in Paris to teach our Azure AD course to members of their IT team from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. As usual, feedback from students about the course, the instructor, and private training more generally, was excellent.

Great course, great instructor

Vincent said:

Really intéressante training with a enthusiastic instructor with a strong level of knowledge. A real pleasure to have followed this training with Paul.

Dimitri said:

This course is what I needed to better understand how Azure (AD) works and interacts with on-premise directories/applications. Such enthusiasm and professionalism from our instructor! Thanks Paul!

Denis said:

Very interesting course. Very good and funny instructor. Nice approach to the topic.

On a private course, company-specific details can be discussed freely, and course content can be tailored to your needs

“I find that IT professionals are sometimes reluctant to ask questions when they’re on a public course,” says Paul Captainino. “But when my students are all from the same company on a private course, I know they feel freer to talk and ask questions. I can also focus on aspects of the course that are most relevant to their company needs, and discuss specific aspects of their implementation in greater depth.”

Arnaut said:

Very interesting training. All questions were answered…and we could ask questions regarding our own implementation of Azure.

Nicolas said:

“Paul was excellent and the course was dedicated to our needs.”

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