MIM training in May – improve your skills via Teams in Eastern time

Learn MIM from anywhere via Teams
Our popular instructor Paul will be teaching our MIM Foundation, MIM Advanced & MIM Expert courses via Teams in Eastern time in May.

Our 5-star rated instructor Paul Captainino will be presenting our 5-star rated MIM Foundation, MIM Advanced and MIM Expert training courses in Eastern Time in May – can you join him via Teams or Skype?

The following courses are confirmed as running:

What do students from the US and Canada say about our MIM training courses?

Our instructor Paul has a wealth of experience of teaching our training courses remotely via Teams, and 96% of recent “remote” students said they would recommend the course they took to colleagues.

Tina, Senior Access Analyst, said this about the MIM Foundation course:

Excellent. It was my first time learning remotely via Teams, but it worked well, and I could focus. I was comfortable and in my own space. I did not need to rush, and could review things as many times as I wanted.

Dale, Lead TSR, who attended our MIM Foundation course, said

The MIM foundation course gives great insight on the basic configuration of MIM and how all of the pieces interact together. Since I will be working with MIM for my new position, the knowledge provided in the course will be very beneficial. During the training, our instructor (Paul) did not just lecture about concepts but provided schematics and a demonstration on how these functions worked – both of which are great methods of teaching.

William, Software Developer, who who attended our MIM Advanced course, said:

Excellent instructor. Obviously deeply knowledgable. Attending the class live by Skype was useful and flexible.

Arden, Principal Systems Engineer, who attended our PAM course, said:

Excellent. The lectures and labs worked well to provide a good overview of PAM.

Chris, Infrastructure Engineer, who attended our MIM Foundation course,, said:

The instructor was great. It’s obvious he knows this system inside and out. If we bring in a consultant he would be brilliant! The documentation and labs were spot on. Best lab documentation I have ever used.

Casey, System Admin, who attended our MIM Advanced course, said:

This course was great. It covers a lot of the things that we had been hiring consultants for, and opens up a lot of possibilities for our organization.

James, Programmer, who attended our MIM Expert course, said:

The course is essential for MIM developers. It covers areas that should be taught in Microsoft’s courses, which I have taken, but which are left out.

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